Jeanie's Story

Jeanie’s story is one of wanderlust and curiosity. Born in West Africa to a Lebanese-Armenian family, Jeanie spent her childhood summers away from the city on her grandmother’s farm where she cultivated a passion for cooking by applying generations-old techniques to the bounties of the land. Opportunity, marriage, and a sense of adventure and resilience brought her to the United States at the age of nineteen. Her new home became a springboard for traveling throughout the country and the rest of the world. Jeanie's travels exposed her to the exotic delights of the Far East, the high cuisine of Europe, and the culinary wealth of South America.


After two decades, Africa called Jeanie, yet again. She and her family embarked on the most important journey of their lives to Nelson Mandela’s “New South Africa". For 20 years, the land of milk and honey offered her a rich diversity of culinary influences from the sea, agriculture, and vineyards to the rich mix of people and cultures, such as the Cape Malay, Indian, Dutch and French, all of which have been added to Jeanie's repository of international cooking styles.


Jeanie is now back home and the culmination of her world travels begins with the creation of the Junie. Inspired by Jeanie’s cultural heritage, the Junie is a modern take on a healthy Armenian snack, the Lamajun. The crispy foldable flatbread is topped with lean ground beef, seasoned with a savory blend of 8 old world spices, then carefully blended with chopped parsley, colorful sweet bell peppers and diced ripe tomatoes. Junie makes a perfect quick light meal or snack. Satiate your adventurous appetite and transport your taste buds. Taste Jeanie's Journey!